I’m Mark, a certified PSYCH-K®️ practitioner in London running Psych K sessions in clinic in Primrose Hill and also online all over the world. PSYCH-K®️ is the best way I’ve ever found to help you tackle subconscious beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your highest level of potential in life. This includes emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well-being. PSYCH-K®️ is 100% safe and effective, I love it!


PSYCH-K LONDON : Get rid of your limiting beliefs

Psych-K helps you break any self-limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from reaching your goals. In many cases, these old limiting beliefs have been created in the first 7 years of our lives, also from traumatic experiences as we grow and as they’re not conscious they hugely influence our thoughts and emotions and the results we see in our day to day lives.

PSYCH-K®️ is a life enhancing therapeutic technique that allows people to change subconscious beliefs that are limiting their full expression and to start truly living their lives. Many of us are looking for a way to live happy and fulfilling lives, to fully self-actualise. The good news is that we are born with unlimited potential! But there are so many beliefs that can limit our opportunity for success in life (such as financial prosperity, positive thinking, job performance, physical health, self-esteeem, better relationships and even weight loss), including the deeply ingrained subconscious beliefs we create and develop throughout our lifetime.

Limiting subconscious beliefs can be changed quickly and effectively using PSYCH-K®️. It’s the perfect way to get rid of your mental and emotional blocks.

PSYCH-K will create substantial change in your personal and professional life, which is ideal!


What is PSYCH-K ?

Psych-K is one of the most effective programs for personal growth and subconscious belief change. Rob Williams is the creator of Psych-K, which stands for “psychological kinesiology.” It is a non-invasive, interactive change process with which we can change limiting belief patterns in our own lives in a targeted and sustainable way in a very short period of time. PSYCH-K®️ communicates with the subconscious mind through muscle testing and body responses.

You may not have heard of whole brain body postures and movements before. They’re celebrated in the neuroscience world for their ability to create a whole brain state (brain mapping) in which subconscious programming changes more readily occur within the subconscious mind.

Whole brain body postures and movement are scientifically proven to be an essential part of any successful change strategy because they activate neural networks that expand your perceptual field and create a sense of wholeness, well-being, and connection with others.


Psych-k therapy in London and online: Book your first session

If you want to get free of many of the challenges that are holding you back, such as anxiety, depression, or PTSD, then this is such a great methodology to help you get free!

Psych-k therapy sessions are amazing in helping us find emotional peace and happiness.

I’ve been working as a holistic therapist for over 20 years and this has to be the greatest therapy I’ve ever found for behavioural change. I run Psych-K therapy in London and all over the world and I’m really happy to chat about how it all works.

“Take the next step towards mental health with Psych-k therapy based in London and all over the world!”

You deserve to be really living your life and I’m more than happy to arrange a free consultation to chat through all of the options.

The key to it all is to stop letting your past affect your future. To let go of anxiety, fear, and worry and all the beliefs that are holding you back.


Book your appointment today by phone: +44(0)7949056111 or by filling in this form.

Let’s chat about the benefits of Psych-k! I’m looking forward to connecting

Mark Collin, Psych-k therapist and practitioner in London

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